Affiliate World Dubai 2024 represents more than just a regular event, it symbolizes the intersection of innovation, industry knowledge, and professional networking in one of the world’s most vibrant cities. Set amidst Dubai’s unforgettable skyline, this conference provides affiliate marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs with an opportunity to explore different approaches, strategies, and technologies that are transforming performance marketing for good.

Affiliate World Dubai promises a platform where attendees can learn new trends from professionals across diverse fields worldwide. Whether you’re venturing into forging strategic partnerships or seeking practical tips on growing your networks – Affiliate Word is unequivocally poised to spearhead businesses towards greater success founded upon creativity fuelled by technology advancements characteristic of our digital age!

Future of affiliate marketing at Affiliate World Dubai

Innovative centre

The Affiliate World Dubai event acts as a hub for the intersection of innovation, knowledge, and connection. It provides an avenue where trailblazers in the field, experts, and industry changemakers can converge to investigate advancements and technologies that will influence performance marketing’s future. Participants are exposed to an interactive setting filled with ideas breaking new ground, revealing fresh tactics, and demonstrating innovative solutions.

Insights at the forefront of innovation

By attending the conference, participants can acquire advanced perspectives and techniques that have the potential to transform their methods in affiliate marketing and e-commerce. With stimulating keynote talks, expert panels, and engaging workshops available, attendees can stay up-to-date on digital marketing developments while discovering effective strategies capable of achieving concrete outcomes for their ventures.

Networking on a worldwide scale

The opportunity to connect with peers and leaders from diverse geographical regions is among the most significant advantages of attending Affiliate World Dubai. Whether you are seeking new partnership prospects, expert insights, or simply wish to exchange ideas with like-minded professionals, this event serves as a bustling hub for collaboration and advancement. The gathering offers numerous outlets for attendees to build relationships via informal chit-chats or structured meet-ups- fostering opportunities that may lead many toward potential collaborators, mentors, or business allies along their career pathway.

Key highlights of Affiliate World Dubai

Affiliate world Dubai
Affiliate world Dubai | Collectcent

Dates and venue


Mark February 28-29, on your calendar. You’ll experience learning, networking, and the opportunity to explore. An agenda custom designed in such a manner that attendees get the maximum out of each session and every session will be of great value and impact.


The Dubai World Trade Center, renowned for its advanced amenities and prime location on the busy Sheikh Zayed Road in UAE’s bustling city of Dubai, is set to host an impressive conference. With unparalleled facilities that foster interactive collaborations and exchange of ideas among attendees while providing a seamless experience concerning all logistical arrangements – learning and networking are taken centre stage without interruptions or distractions from every other aspect at this world-class venue.

Attendee Profile

Diverse Participation

Affiliate World Dubai unites a broad spectrum of experts from diverse backgrounds and industries, comprising over 5,500 participants hailing from more than 110 countries across the world. It provides opportunities for individuals at all career stages with various specialities to interact – among them are seasoned affiliate marketers and advertisers as well as traffic sources and solution providers – cultivating inclusiveness and diversity.

Inclusive Platform

Affiliate World Dubai is the perfect platform for affiliates looking to expand their marketing campaigns, advertisers seeking wider audience reach, and solution providers showcasing new products. It offers an inclusive space where individuals can connect, collaborate, and gain knowledge while enabling innovation, and talent-spotting opportunities all at once. Attendees are presented with endless business inspiration possibilities as they create meaningful relationships that unlock numerous growth prospects in different industries witnessing emerging trends of significance across various fields through a melting pot experience like never before.

Speakers and content

Stellar lineup

Get ready to be inspired by the lineup of industry leaders at Affiliate World Dubai. Jason Akatiff, Founder & CEO of A4D Performance Network, brings his expertise to the table, offering valuable insights into affiliate marketing strategies.

Joining him is Dennis Yu, CEO of Your Content Factory, renowned for his expertise in digital marketing. Alex Micol, Founder & CEO of SCALERS, will share innovative ideas to scale businesses effectively.

Mirella Crespi, Founder & CEO of Creative Milkshake, brings creativity and entrepreneurship to the forefront. Anastasiia Voloshyna, Sales Team Lead at Pin-Up Partners, will provide actionable tips for affiliate success.

With such a diverse lineup, attendees can expect a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to propel their businesses forward.

Key insights

Participants of Affiliate World Dubai can anticipate acquiring valuable perspectives and knowledge that could be readily incorporated into their business endeavours. The conference offers a variety of topics, including marketing techniques enhancement, e-commerce operation optimization, or venturing toward novel growth paths. By attending the event and listening to expert speakers’ content, individuals are prepared with essential tools and strategies for succeeding in today’s fiercely competitive environment.

Exhibitors and Marketplace

Affiliate world Dubai
Affiliate world Dubai Collectcent

Comprehensive Showcase

The Affiliate World Dubai marketplace boasts more than 300 exhibitors, making it a one-stop shop for businesses seeking tools, technologies, and offers to help them thrive in an ever-changing affiliate marketing and e-commerce environment. Among the attendees at this event are leading affiliate networks alongside top-tier traffic sources plus innovative solution providers offering valuable insights into emerging opportunities – creating chances to gain new partnerships or explore the latest trends.

Networking Opportunities

The exhibit area acts as a central location for bustling commotion, where ideas are shared, partnerships established, and business openings uncovered. Participants have the chance to mingle with vendors while observing product demonstrations and contributing to interactive meetings that aim at stimulating valuable relationships and facilitating knowledge transfer. It’s an energetic setting where originality abounds; fostering new opportunities is commonplace here.

Networking Events

Unlock the full potential of your affiliate marketing journey with the Affiliate World Dubai 2024 Pass. Gain access to a world-class marketplace featuring 300+ advertisers, traffic sources, and networks, including renowned names like Fiverr, Outbrain, and ClickBank. Immerse yourself in over 20 hours of mastermind-level content presented by industry experts such as Marisha Lakhiani, Matthew Milnes, and Craig Campbell, covering topics from AI-driven ROAS optimization to TikTok affiliate scaling secrets.

Dive deep into networking opportunities with 6+ niche-focused mixers and exclusive evening events like the Affiliate World Forum Awards and the Official Opening and Closing Parties. Plus, explore free niche tracks tailored to your interests, including Meta Ads, Google Ads, Native Ads, TikTok, SEO, and more. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to elevate your affiliate marketing game over two game-changing days at Affiliate World Dubai 2024.

Tickets and Registration

Affiliate World Dubai 2024 provides various ticket options tailored to the needs of both affiliates and companies. For affiliates, the latecomer ticket offers significant savings, with a sale price of $1,319 compared to the full price of $1,999, saving $680. This ticket grants access to a variety of benefits, including a two-day exhibition, over 35 live speeches, panels, and Q&As, multiple mixers and happy hours, as well as exclusive parties such as the Official Opening Party, Networking Event, and Closing Party. Affiliates also benefit from features like logo placement on badges, app profiles, and the Featured Companies page, along with live chat capabilities via the AW App and exclusive access to the First-Timers’ Affiliate Meetup.

For companies, the latecomer ticket is priced at $2,149, offering substantial savings compared to the full price of $2,999, with a discount of $850. This ticket is designed for employees of affiliate networks, advertisers, traffic sources, solution providers, and agencies. Similar to the affiliate ticket, the company ticket includes access to all event components and features, such as the exhibition, stage sessions, networking events, and exclusive parties.


Affiliate World Dubai
Affiliate World Dubai | Collectcent

Join Affiliate World Dubai 2024 for an immersive experience that guarantees to revolutionise your approach toward affiliate marketing and e-commerce. With unparalleled content, a diverse range of exhibitors, and lively networking chances, this conference will provide you with an innovative ground for learning together as well as growth opportunities. Whether it’s expanding your connections or seeking valuable insights into the latest trends in performance advertising- at AWD’24 there is something suitable available for everyone!

To meet the Collectcent team at Affiliate World Dubai 2024, visit Booth #D47. So, don’t wait any longer; seize the opportunity to connect with industry experts at Collectcent and elevate your business today!


Is affiliate marketing legal in Dubai?
Affiliate marketing is allowed in Dubai and it is most of the time used as a promotional mechanism. This technique may enable people or enterprises to enlist commissions through advertising another entity’s goods or services.
What is the Affiliate World Conference Dubai?
AWC Dubai is a convention with a high level of reputation that targets affiliate marketers and people in the e-commerce sphere with the Dubai venue. Attendees are provided with valuable resources, networks, and performance marketing strategies in this session.
How to start affiliate marketing in Dubai?
To kick off the affiliate marketing journey in Dubai, begin by picking a niche of your interest, and investigate the affiliated programs. Join classes of credible programs that produce or provide trustworthy products/services in line with your niche. Creating content like blogs, websites, or social media posts to advertise affiliate products.