If you are in advertising, digital marketing, or any business related to marketing, mark your calendars for AdTech Delhi 2024! It’s time to roll the dice! The largest and most awaited advertising and marketing technology conference in India. This eagerly awaited occasion is set to take place from March 13th to 14th, 2024 at Yashobhoomi, IICC Dwarka, New Delhi.

This year, just like any other year, marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of adtech, where it’s expected to see groundbreaking technologies and strategic insight converge to redefine the teach companies and business enterprises to come together for a common purpose.

To uplift and advance the technological innovation in the advertising and marketing world. Adtech Delhi 2024 promises an immersive experience, and this year it’s expected to offer participants rich insight into the latest tech trends and innovations,

What is AdTech Delhi?

AdTech Delhi is India’s leading convention committed to exploring cutting-edge improvements, developments, and technologies shaping the marketing and advertising panorama. This 3-day immersive experience and exposure will bring together hundreds of enterprise specialists, brands, organizations, publishers, and advert tech agencies all under one roof. The opportunity it will bring will be massive and epic for entrepreneurs.

Why You Can’t-Miss AdTech Delhi 2024

● Cutting-Edge Content

What will set the conference apart is the opportunity to explore a hundred informative sessions, keynotes, and panel discussions. The AdTech Delhi 2024 will cover the most pertinent topics in advertising and marketing tech. Expect insights into programmatic advertising, information-pushed advertising, AI and machine studying programs, related TV marketing, influencer advertising strategies, and plenty greater.

● Top-Notch Speakers

It’s all about learning from the best! The conference is expected to see the presence of expert leaders, innovators, and concerned subject professionals from different fields of experts are expected to grace the AdTech Delhi 2024. Get prepared to be inspired and learn from the excellent minds in the industry. This is a lifetime opportunity for both new and established entrepreneurs.

● Unparalleled Networking

The best thing about AdTech Delhi is that it gives an unequaled opportunity to interact and connect with heaps of experts from different advertising and marketing fields. It will open doors to forge new partnerships, discover potential connections or employers, and increase your community in vibrant advert tech surroundings. Yes, the networking opportunity is just going to be bountiful this time.

● Exclusive Exhibitor Zone

Explore the trendy advert tech solutions and a wide opportunity to collaborate with major companies in the exhibitor sector. Get hands-on demos, attend product workshops, and discover innovations that can force your business on a large scale. This is the time when you can make your business brand known and also get connected with more business enterprises on a professional level.

● Startup Pavilion

The tech conference is largely expected to see a lot of new start-ups, A devoted region for rising startups inside the conference space, showcasing their revolutionary thoughts and solutions. If you are also one of those startups why not learn and get inspired from like-minded people? Connect with entrepreneurs, investors, and potential collaborators.

● Stay Ahead of the Curve

In the ever-evolving global marketing and advertising and marketing era, the conference has made it possible for individuals to stay informed on contemporary tendencies and improvements is critical. AdTech Delhi 2024 will equip you with the know-how and insights you need to live aggressively.’

Line up Keynote Speakers for the Conference

It’s no surprise but how the conference is going to be transformative is the presence of a wide experts of keynote speakers who are best in their fields. Each of these speakers will bring in their insight into innovative strategies, and how to stay impactful with the advancing advertising and marketing world.

  • Tom Fishburne: He is the creator of Marketoonist and author of “Your Ad Ignored Here”.
  • Michael Dobell: He is a Co-founder & EVP for Innovation, Media. monks.
  • Anisha Singh: Founder of She Capital together. We can.
  • Manish Chowdhary: He is a Co-founder of WOW Skin Science.
  • Nalin Mehta: He is a managing editor at Moneycontrol.
  • Arjun Vaidya: A Co-founder of v3ventures.
  • Ryf Quail: A managing director at NFR 2024.
  • Kumar Rajagopalan: A Chief Executive Officer at Rai Retailers Association of India.
  • Neetan Chopra: A chief Digital Officer at Indigo.
  • Suyashg Saraf: A Co-Founder at DOT&KEY.
  • Vijay Iyer: A director at Amazon ads.
  • Gulshan Verma: A CEO at JioAds.
  • Deepak Sharma: He is a Tech entrepreneur and CXO advisor former president and Chief digital officer – Kotak Mahindra Bank.
  • Shiney Eapen: A head of Content at Adtech.
  • Vaibhav Pandey: A Co-Founder and CTO at Tyroo.

These are some of the great tech giants and names that will bring in massive informative insights for the attendees. There are more keynote speakers that the event is expected to see from massive teaching companies. Simply get ready for the event and elevate your business enterprise, collaborate with the best, and elevate your

Keynote Speakers for the E-commerce

For the e-commerce platforms if you are particularly looking for relative insight here are some expected keynote speakers you can expect to hear from.

  • Shivani Chopra: India Marketing Head – Consumer PS & Peripherals hp.
  • Ankit Desai: Head Media & Digital Marketing (India & Global Centre of Excellence) at Marico.
  • Abhishek Lal: Chef Digital Officer at MarksSpencer.
  • Mahip Dwivedi: Vp Marketing & Growth, pepperfry.
  • Apporva Maheshwari: Chief Marketing Officer, BESTSELLER.
  • Niti Kumar: Chief Operating Officer, Starcom.
  • Vishal Gaba: Associate Director – Marketing. BIRA.
  • Kushal Sanghvi: Independent Consultant.

Keynote Speakers for Consumer Experience

Understanding consumer experience plays a crucial role in enhancing your digital marketing strategies and advertising as well. The event expects to see and hear from some of the best experts who will bring in their real-life experience in understanding the consumer experience in the world of digital marketing.

  • Alban Villani: A regional CEO- India, SEA & Europe at Epsilon.
  • Om Kumar Jha: Director – Media, Data, Marketing Capabilities and Partnerships, PEPSICO.
  • Jose Leon: Chief Executive Officer, Dentsu X.
  • Priyanka Gandhi: Director -Integrated Brand Experience Lead, Media & Digital Marketing, Colgate.
  • Manik Nangia: Head – Digital Transformation & Analytics, BAJAJ.
  • Amaresh Godbole: CEO, Digital Technology Business, PUBLICIS GROUP.
  • Ben Holmes: VP, Performance & Brand Revenue, Digital Turbine.

Keynote Speakers for the Sustainable Growth

Accelerate your business enterprise in the field of sustainable growth as these experts bring in insightful information.

  • Swagata Sarangi: Co-founder, smytten.
  • Ishan Bose: CMO, Kredit Bee.
  • Dimpy Yadav: General Manager – Programmatic, Group
  • Akshay Salaria: Director – Acquisition Growth and MarTech, TATA Digital.
  • Mayank Prabhakar: Genearl Manager – Head of Digital Marketing, vivo.

What not to miss?

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Planning for AdTech Delhi 2024 is nicely underway, with a thrilling lineup of speakers, sessions, and exhibitors being curated. It’s not only going to be extensive but also revolutionary for the attendees.  Early tickets are already available, get your early tickets for the event, and be prepared if your objective is to learn and grow your business enterprise.

Don’t miss out on this unmissable advertising, marketing, and advertising technology event in the vibrant city of Delhi. Head to the AdTech New Delhi 2024 internet site for updates, and speaker announcements, and to secure your spot at this game-changing convention.


Where is the AdTech New Delhi taking place?
The event is going to take place from March 13th to 14th, 2024 at Yashobhoomi, IICC Dwarka, New Delhi.
How many days will be Adtech 2024?
The conference will take place for three days starting from the 13th of March to the 14th of March. 
Are tickets available for AdTech?
Yes, the tickets are now available for the event on the office website. Get your pass to the event early now!