We have been focused on implementing impactful ways of ensuring maximum return on investment for advertisers and publishers. Our approach is holistic and backed by proprietary technology and precision targeting. And it's working beautifully—we deliver over 3 billion clicks and 4.5 million sales events every month with our performance advertising.

24x7 Consulting

24x7 Consulting

Our hands-on approach to digital advertising is one of our greatest strengths as it is tailored to the advertising and publishing industry across different countries and time zones. Which is why we offer industry-leading 24/7 business consultation by professionals with operational excellence (through Skype, Whatsapp, phone calls). With us by your side, you can scale up or scale down in every campaign, and take crucial business decisions based on round-the-clock analysis. This is essential for advertisers because business leads are generated round the clock, and timing is everything. The right intervention at the right time is what makes our advertising campaign stand out against the competition. Whether it's the click-through ratio, conversion rate or bounce rate, advertisers can pause or resume campaigns to ensure maximum impact, yet remain within their advertising budgets.

ROI optimisation

Big data Powered Optimisation

Our unique ROI optimisation tools drive real business results on advertising spend and not mere clicks. Big data analytics equip advertisers with real-time information on live campaigns and spearheads our performance digital advertising approach. The constant data-driven learning capabilities of our engines ensure that the right media is targeted and the best advertisement is served in the perfect advertisement slot. Towards this end, we route advertisement traffic in the best way possible: by publisher, device make, browser version, operating system, internet service provider, hour of the day, day of the week, repeat users and so on. Such optimisation helps in an effective cost per acquisition (CPA) model and drives more traffic towards advertisements.

Reporting & Analytics

Profitability and continual improvement of advertising campaigns is the hallmark of real-time reporting. It gives advertisers greater control over campaigns based on time zones, creatives and campaign URLs. Our friendly dashboard for mobile advertising and desktop advertising offers analytics in real time, ensuring greater return on investment for both advertisers and publishers. Some of the parameters that are captured in our reporting to help them arrive at a decision include view / open rate, click through rate, click to visit ratio, click to lead ratio, bounce rate and session time. They are perfect to ensure that the top mobile and digital ads are giving higher conversions.

Targetted Media Buying

We ensure the best value for money for our advertisers by enabling them to automatically block publishers that are not effective and have a high churn rate. Our approach is not confined to generating visits and campaign leads, but is centered on performance advertising, so that they acquire quality customers and users to meet their performance marketing goals. By optmising our digital advertising campaigns and monitoring the quality of acquisitions, we manage campaigns according to the day of the week and time of the day set by them.