Transform Your User Engagement with CPM App Advertising

The CPM, or Cost Per Mile, model for mobile advertising is one of the easiest and most effective ways to gain reach within your audience. Collectcent has a committed team of over 200 ad network professionals spanning three continents and with access to global audiences of over a billion users per day for more effective CPM for mobile ads. As a performance marketing agency, our number one priority is your KPIs. Our scalable campaigns offer amazing potential to develop LTV customers, more app installs and higher quality impressions. With robust anti-fraud measures in place, we increase your return on ad spend for more successful growth.

The Leading Global Performance Marketing Agency

Collectcent works with an expansive network of publishers to deliver CPM app advertising, including mobile websites and apps, to deliver higher quality engagement to all of our client partners. We keep the costs low by utilizing our SSP agreements, passing the savings onto our clients across a range of solutions for CPM for mobile ads. You only pay for the highest quality leads and verifiable conversions for a more effective way of working. Our networks are robustly monitored for fraudulent and suspicious activity, and this transparency allows you to stay protected throughout your campaign. Our high-quality metrics that measure post-acquisition activity allows you to expand your network to the next step.

Experience the Collectcent Advantage Today

Collectcent offers numerous benefits for advertisers with our 24/7 support, big data optimization, real-time reporting and analytics and more. To experience the Collectcent advantage, contact our friendly team using the contact form at the bottom of this page.



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