Real Time Bidding

Our Real-time bidding engine enables buying and selling individual ads impressions milliseconds for advertisers, ad networks, agencies, publishers, DSPs and SSPs within 100 as a part of real-time auction process.

Our RTB engine is based on a weighted, configurable, multi-dimensional ad selection algorithm and rides on programmatic buying system which addresses targeting, campaign progress, user exposure, operator policies and device constraints.

So join us to become a part of our transparent system and pick impression in real-time, exchange traffic worldwide, and enjoy dynamic pricing to optimise your ROI.

Real Time Bidding

Higher Earnings on Ad Inventory

RTB is a game changer as it provides a win situation for both Publishers and Advertisers.

Through the use of RTB, Publishers gain huge benefits from more competitive bids, because interested advertisers bid at the same time, and the best bid wins. All this happens in milliseconds based on latest, state-of-the-art technology, big data and intelligent algorithms.

Our RTB system sends parallel requests to ad networks, exchanges, and DSPs and aggregates historical as well as real time data for decision making. Our selection criteria ensure that the ad with the highest eCPM, and matching Publisher’s criteria the closest is chosen from the bids submitted by our demand partners.


Our ad Exchange ensures that the quality and relevance of ads delivered to your apps and mobile web sites grow significantly.


Advertisers get instant access to global ad inventory, leading to higher customer engagement and higher revenue.