Precision Targeting

Our platform enables precision targeting to deliver Right Message to Right Target Group at Right time. Our real time data analysis allows us to position your ads better and disseminate only to your targeted audience, which helps in:

  • Acquiring right customers
  • Increase your product visibility
  • Increase Engagement
  • Wider Reach
Precision Targeting

Our multi-level targeting tool combines consumer profile data from considering various parameters:

  • Geography: Segment basis the Subscriber Base in the defined Geography pick country, state, and city globally for better reach
  • Demography: Reach out to users as per Demography Age group, Rural or Urban
  • Behavior: Targeting as per Behavioral analysis helps in knowing what user is viewing and which genre like News, Apps and Games, Travel and Lifestyle, Finance, Entertainment, Social Networking etc
  • Device Type wise: Customized Communication basis of the Handset/ Web Browser being used by the User Mobile handset variant and Browser variant
  • Time: Enables to schedule the Communication basis “Time of the Day” & “Day of the Week” higher efficiency
  • We consider content relevance and device specific data from our own network to deliver targeted mobile advertising like never before